Online Bridge

The Game of Contract Bridge ♠ Online-Based Play

online bridge guideApart from being able to play Bridge online, there are countless websites that are dedicated to bridge players, discussion forums, publications, Bridge lessons, even a Bridge dictionary, and just about anything you would want to know about the most popular card game in the world. Some of the best Bridge players in the world, such as, Mike Lawrence and Eddie Kantar and many others have also come up with their own online resources to help new comers to the game of Bridge.

Online Bridge Playing Tips

First of all, it is important for all Bridge players to remain good online citizens while enjoying their favorite game. The following are a few great tips that should get you off to a good start while you play Bridge online.

· If you are using social networking platforms to enjoy a game of Bridge, there’s no need to share personal information to other gamers who you do not know.

· Online Bridge players need to keep their Anti-virus and other security software up to date to protect their PC from malware and other threats that lurk in cyberspace.

· Having a strong password is a great way of staying safe online, whether you’re playing Bridge, sending email or doing anything online. Making your password a sentence rather than something that’s incredible easy is a great way of staying safe.

· While using online sources to play Bridge always protect your identity. You can do this by choosing not to use voice chat while playing Bridge online. Or you can use software that enables users to disguise their voice. Also, never use a webcam while playing Bridge online, or any game for that matter.

· While we’re on the subject of cyber security, never present yourself as dating material or available if you are playing Bridge with other players online.

· It’d not necessary to reveal your real name or include your personal address while playing Bridge online. Also, you do not need to use your actual picture. Instead, use a stock image or an avatar. But, try not to keep the avatar too close to what you actually look like, otherwise what is the point!

· When playing Bridge online always try to put a time limit so you don’t get lost in the game.

· Always block or report if another player is misbehaving, or making you feel uncomfortable. But, never engage the bullies. Gaming sites usually have ways of reporting users who are not playing nice.

· It is also important to never meet with a stranger who you have played Bridge with online. That’s usually not a good idea.

· Also, if an online resource seems too good to be true (i.e: offering you free gifts and other additional features that you would usually need to pay for) it probably is. So, be careful not to download the software or you may get a surprise in the form of a malware.

Bridge Options Online

Playing online slots and BridgeThe trend of online gaming has grown a lot through the years, and here in Sweden many play slots they are called spelautomater in Sweden, and are now played online or on mobile, and the same holds true for the game of Bridge as well. The following are some of the options that are available for those who are looking to play Bridge online

· Game Subscriptions – To get the most out of your online Bridge playing experience a person would most likely subscribe to one of the many Bridge playing platforms that are available online. Subscribing to one of these services means that avid players do not need to possess the contents (such as a deck of cards, or even players) of the game at all and can enjoy playing with other human opponents or a computer. Bridge players can get access to all they would ever need to play Bridge online for a fee that will last for a certain amount of time, the most popular site is

· Social Networking Platforms– As the name implies, players are able to play Bridge from within a social networking platform such as Facebook. This encourages players to share their game results with friends who may also be interested in Bridge. Players can also make in-game purchases via social networking app games such as Bridge and can also earn rewards by getting other people from their social circle to join or subscribe to a Bridge playing site.

· Mobile Storefronts – Avid Bridge players can also use their e-Wallet or mobile phone account to download apps for playing on their smartphone or other handheld devices while on the go.

· Downloads – This allows Bridge players to download their favorite Bridge games straight to their gaming console or PC.

· Boxed Game Options – This option allows Bridge players to purchase the game of Bridge on a disc which can then be installed on their PC or played on their gaming console.

· Freemiums – And finally, there’s the Freemium or the Free-to-play options that allows Bridge players to enjoy their game for free without the need to subscribe to a service or gaming platform. This however, will mean that players usually need to make a payment to get access to additional features of the game, which they can then enjoy such as, the ability to play with other people or with their friends, or play different versions of Bridge at various skill levels in order to improve their own Bridge playing skills.

The Elements That Make Bridge Unique

No matter which option you go for, whether its online or face to face with other players, Bridge is a very unique and exciting game that offers many benefits that other card games simply do not. The following are some of the reasons that makes the game of Bridge unique whether it is played online or face to face.

Improve Your Skill Set

A Bridge player who has practiced and knows the game well will always win as compared to a person who does not practice sufficiently. As with any game, the more you play Bridge, the better you will become at it regardless of whether you play the game online or not.

The Chance of Luck

Another unique feature of Bridge is that players get to experience the excitement of playing the game by receiving random distribution of the cards. What this means is that players would sometimes get dealt high value cards, that will allow them to reap the benefits, while other times they will have to make do with the cards they have. But, the great thing about Bridge is that players are able to turn low value cards into an advantage as well. All it takes is the right amount of skill to completely turn around any situation. This also happens to be one of the most appealing features of Bridge.

Improving Communication Skills

In the game of Bridge, players have a partner who assists them while they battle against the opponent and their partner. This means that as a player, you not only need to keep your cards in mind, while making a decision, but also the cards of your partner. This also means having to deal with a passive or aggressive partner, or the occasional clever Bridge partner as well. The point is, you get to play with people, which limits your options, while making Bridge an exciting challenge that you have to go through in order to win.

Bridge is a Unique Experience

Another exciting factor of playing Bridge that separates it from the rest is that no situation can be repeated exactly the same. In other words, there are approximately 53,644,737,765,488,792,839,237,440,000 likely deals, so there’s no way you get to play the same hand twice when it comes to Bridge. This also means that each game of Bridge offers a new and unique experience which also includes something new to learn to improve your skills.